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I am very pleased to welcome you to our website.

You will find here my achievements in the field of audio. I have highlighted the main points, especially those which make the specifics so that you can adapt them to your own designs.

I disclaim any responsibility resulting of the use of information from this site. Do not use the information found in any part of this website for professional or commercial purpose.

In 's gallery section, you will find some of my wife's pictures, paintings and photographs.

I thank my father for his help in the wood work enclosures and for her help and patience.

Salzburg Legoland About us:

Here are pictures of our family during spring holidays 2004 in Austria and Germany.
We live in France, about 40km southwest of Paris.

, our son, is 6 years old. This year, he began to play the piano and he also practised basket-ball.

My wife is a teacher; her pupils are 8 years old. She is very fond of photography and painting.

I am an engineer and work in embedded electronics for off-road vehicules. My favourite hobby is audio DIY.

We also like to travel and spend time with friends.